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Any time a person is struck with the feeling of pain it is an indication that an issue has surfaced somewhere in your body. Many people think this pain will resolve on its own, however often times this is not the case. In order to feel relief you may in fact need to seek out professional medical help in order to fix the problem. Our Peterborough chiropractor may be the answer you have been looking for.

The two main types of pain

Acute: This type of pain is something that may have risen from an injury such as a broken bone, ligament tear, sprain or cut. Typically acute pain will go away over time on its own as the body heals itself.

Chronic: Chronic pain is quite different and can last for long periods of time without treatment. Not only can you suffer from the pain itself however you may also feel additional side effects such as the inability to sleep, tiredness and possibly even weight change. Most people will first look to alleviate their pain by using painkilling drugs as it is a quick and easy way to feel better. The issue here is that painkillers will only mask your pain and temporarily help with discomfort. Finding the true cause of your pain and treating it is a much better option and chiropractic may be the answer you are looking for.

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