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Chiropractor Peterborough ON Ed Jindrich


Ed Jindrich D.C.

When I was 16 years old, I began suffering from horrific two and three day migraines. My parents and I had seen numerous doctors and specialists trying to find some answers to my condition. The final diagnosis was migraines brought on by hypoglycemia. I was given dietary instructions and a bottle of strong painkillers.

Unfortunately, neither the dietary changes or pain pills made any difference in my condition. Then, one of our neighbours suggested that I see a chiropractor. Well long story short, my visits to the chiropractor did not only rid me of this dreadfully painful curse, but redirected my calling in life to be a chiropractor myself.

Now after 20 years of practicing chiropractic in Peterborough, I have seen thousands of patients suffering from not only migraines but a broad scope of health problems. Chiropractic has changed the quality of my life in a profound way. That’s why I dedicate my career to be a “game changer” in other peoples lives.

Chiropractic Peterborough ON Rosie

Chiropractic Assistant


My first experience with chiropractic was due to a low back injury sustained while horseback riding in 1997. My physician attempted to adjust my back without success. At this point I determined I would go to a trained qualified doctor of chiropractic. The experience was remarkable as it allowed me to get back to riding and my busy lifestyle in very short order.

More than just pain relief I discovered other health and wellness benefits that I never would have associated with chiropractic care and I immediately brought my children and husband to see Dr. Ed.

I began working for Dr. Ed in 1999 as his chiropractic assistant and I have to say it has been my privilege and honour to serve and watch Dr. Ed’s patients achieve vibrant health.

Chiropractic Peterborough ON Donna

Chiropractic Assistant / Office Manager


Donna applied for an office position but at the time had no idea it was at a chiropractic office. My life changed the moment I walked through the door. I knew this was my true calling and 23 years later, I am more passionate than ever.

My high school years were very difficult. I suffered from anxiety and severe headaches. Once I started living the chiropractic lifestyle, my life changed.

Headaches were gone and no more panic attacks. Chiropractic has not only changed my life but my son’s quality of life as well.

When Jason was born, he just wasn’t well. He was suffering from colic, serious bowel issues and at least 5 bouts of pneumonia, all before the age of 6. It broke my heart to see him suffer. He started getting adjusted when he was 7. His nervous system was seriously compromised but after only 2 weeks of care, he was a different child. His bowel issues were gone and no more pneumonia. He was happy and healthy. He had a sparkle in his eye and still does to this day. When Jason was a baby, his pediatrician advised me that he would require surgery by the time he was 9 to correct those serious bowel issues. But all he needed was a healthy nervous system. My only wish was that someone would have shared the power of chiropractic with me years ago.

So my mission is to share the chiropractic story with everyone that crosses my path. Everyone deserves the right to a better quality of life. I feel truly blessed to be part of this team and look foward to being there for your journey as well.


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