How to Achieve Spine Success

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Achieve spine success with these helpful tips from our Peterborough chiropractor.

The nerve fibers found within our spine control all of the movements throughout our body and must be in proper working order so that our muscles and bones can function properly. This ensures we can maintain correct posture, balance, strength, movement, and coordination.

One of the main important elements to ensuring spine success for your body is simply living an active lifestyle. By staying active, you ensure your body consistently is able to maintain energy levels so that you always have sufficient energy for bone and muscle control. Without an active lifestyle, you may experience physical injury over time as well as a lack of mental focus which can contribute to more unproductiveness and further issues with your overall energy and general wellbeing.


One maintains correct posture when their head is well balanced over their hips with their chin parallel with the floor and their pelvis level. Walking with correct posture helps maintain lighter steps and is key to both physical and mental health as it helps muscles relax and can protect joints. Not only that, but correct posture can help a person feel more confident in their day to day activities.

While there are benefits to maintaining correct posture while walking, it is most important when sitting for long periods and while sleeping. Dr. Ed can help teach you about postural exercise and ergonomics in order to assist with posture problems.


Optimal spinal movement comes from strength & flexibility. Proper spinal motion starts with the alignment of your vertebrae and requires flexibility from the soft tissues around your spine. When these tissues are flexible it will reduce force on your joints and help to decrease injury from physical activities.

Stretching is very important in order to prepare your muscles for physical activity as it can help to prevent muscle strain & soreness and prevent injury. Dr. Ed can help suggest stretching exercises that will improve overall flexibility.


Increased strength can help with back pain & injuries. The muscles found in your back and abdomen are used to stabilize your spine and allow for proper spinal movement and posture. Your leg and hip muscles also allow you to utilize correct lifting techniques to help prevent injury to spine fibers.

By strengthening your abdomen and back muscles, you can get back pain relief, increased energy and simply give yourself a better feeling of wellness which helps you make your daily activities easier to perform.

Dr. Ed can help you with an exercise routine that is best for your specific situation.


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