Chiropractic Testimonials

Dr. Ed has been helping patients in Peterborough, Ontario with their pain relief for over 20 years. Nothing gives us more joy than to hear about our patients' success stories. We wanted to share a few with you here on our website.

"Dr. Ed's Chiropractic has a wonderful welcoming atmosphere. The staff are helpful, friendly, and supportive. The chiropractic care is thorough and Dr. Ed uses a couple of techniques to ensure the progress of health and wellness in your spine.!

I am super picky about chiropractic care and Dr. Ed is fantastic! He always does a great job and I thank him so much for everything!!"

- Christa Wani

"I’m retired and love to golf, fish and travel with my wife. I had been experiencing increased levels of discomfort and pain in my mid-back, right knee and ankles. I assumed that it was age related and I just had to “deal” with it. I relied on Tylenol for relief. My wife has been a patient of Dr. Ed’s for more than 2 years and had gained considerable relief from her arthritic pain. I set up an initial appointment with Dr. Ed and followed his recommendations. I experienced immediate results. I actually responded so well, that my treatment plan was reduced. I now am able to golf pain free, 3 and 4 times a week. Not only that, my golf handicap dropped from 24 in June to 19 early in August, largely due to increased spinal flexibility. Presently, I’m being treated once every 2 weeks and I am playing the best golf of my life. I’m amazed at how my body relaxes when Dr. Ed adjusts me. I started treatment skeptically, now I am a committed patient of Chiropractic."

- Bill H.

"Since 22 years of age I have suffered from computer induced stress headaches. Over the last 10 years. I have been hospitalized 2 or 3 times per year for immobilizing headaches. Demerol with added Gravol to control vomiting was the best answer the medical community could offer. Dr. Ed had a booth at the Mall and I decided to check out chiropractic. I was cautiously hopeful. I was impressed with all the technical advances at my first evaluation. At my report of findings, Dr. Ed took the time to explain why and showed my husband and I on the x-rays exactly what was causing my headaches. Most importantly he shared that chiropractic would be able to correct this problem. Within the first month of care my headaches actually disappeared. I could work in a high stress environment without taking drugs, this was the first time in years! I feel more relaxed and have a general sense of well-being. Everyone around me is noticing the change in me. The greatest gift is I’m now able to be a wife, mother and friend. I am 200% happy with my experience with Chiropractic. It has literally changed my life!"

- Kathy F.

"My name is Dave G. and I first began chiropractic care in 1995. My complaints at the time where lower back pain, an aching left foot and the beginnings of incontinence. Dr. Ed resolved those problems successfully. I stopped care after I retired in 1998 believing chiropractic wouldn’t be necessary since I would not be experiencing the stresses associated with my job. A little over a year later I overused my left arm when hammering nails. My hand seized in an inward position and was partly paralyzed with only 30% use. I returned to Dr. Ed and he had my hand back to normal after only three visits. I really became a believer in chiropractic care then and have continued with regular visits. Since maintaining regular visits I have experienced the following improvements in my health. Macular degeneration in both eyes has stabilized and actually shown improvement. Under active thyroid gland has improved to the point where I need only a fifth of my original prescription dosage. My sense of balance is good and I am quite sure footed. (Putting pants on while standing was once an issue for me.) I experience less flues and colds. At the age of 75 my memory is still quite good as well as my sense of taste and smell. I exercise, walk, work with light weights and watch what I eat. However I know these things are all secondary to the regular Chiropractic care that I receive from Dr. Ed."

- David G.

"I suffered with low back pain and headaches for 35 years, migraines for 10 years. More recently pain in my shoulders, arms and hands were added to my experience. My Medical Doctor prescribed medication for every pain but nothing worked. I tried massage therapy which did help short term but never resolved the problems. For two years a good friend suggested I go to a chiropractor for help with my pain. I was afraid of chiropractors “cracking my bones”. I discovered Dr. Ed practiced a gentle technique called TRT. I felt I tried everything without any permanent relief, what did I have to lose. After viewing the results of my examination I was startled by how bad my neck was, however it did explain the pain I was living with. Dr. Ed’s recommendation of gentle chiropractic care and posture exercises has helped tremendously. I felt immediate relief in my low back after the first adjustment. After the first month headaches, migraines pain in my shoulders, arms and hands were 70% – 90% gone. Chiropractic has allowed me to continue doing what I love, gardening, golfing and decorating. Dr. Ed and Rosie have the ability to relax even the most frightened patient, they guide and teach in clear concise terms of how to improve your physical well being and the positive attitude is infectious. I highly recommend chiropractic care."

- Cathy O.

"My life changed for the better when I decided to start chiropractic care with Dr. Ed. To be honest I had nothing to lose. At this point my health and life was going down the drain. I was 25 and thought my body was basically falling apart and dying. I had made my living “Will” that year as I thought I was surely dying with one maybe two years left to live. Some of my health issues were as followings: severe migraines, digestive problems, asthma, frequently sick due to a weaken immune system, pain in every joint and muscle, severe menstrual cramping and allergies. I’d been to my family doctor and specialist with no real answers. After a complete spinal evaluation, Dr. Ed went over my results in detail and gave me hope. After about the 3rd week of care I started to really notice how much better I was feeling. I broke down in front of Dr. Ed and Rosie one day and just cried thank you. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in years; maybe I was going to live into my old age! I know this may sound a bit dramatic, but I really believe I would have been six feet under by now. I thank God and Dr. Ed everyday!"

- Kelly N.

"About a year and a half ago, our 9 year old daughter began suffering from numbness and tingling that would affect different parts of her body. Isabelle also experienced severe pain in her head. Our family doctor referred her to Sick Kids Hospital. She had an MRI and EEG tests. No real answers where found but the Doctors at Sick Kids decided to put her on Tryleptol which is an anticonvulsant medication, thinking this could possibly be seizure activity. After a period of time without improvement they doubled her dose, again this proved to be unsuccessful. We were encouraged by a friend to see Dr. Ed and try chiropractic care. Dr. Ed discovered through his initial examination that Isabelle had an area of extreme misalignment in her neck. After the first couple of weeks of chiropractic care Isabelle’s pain and numbness started to subside. Wow, we were impressed. We were so excited to have a drug-free treatment that actually was working! Without Chiropractic care, Isabelle would still be suffering and unable to do the activities she loved. Now she is able to live a normal healthy life, like a 9 year old girl should! We are forever grateful!"

- The Stringers

"In 1979 I was in a serious car accident and sustained a hip injury. I also suffered from migraines. In 1997 I developed heart disease and would soon need a heart transplant. Due to the heart surgery I was reduced to taking only Tylenol for pain. I received a new heart on December 15, 2000. My hip was becoming unbearable. My medical doctor informed me I would most likely need a hip replacement by the time I was in my mid 50’s. Not something I wanted to do. In the mean time he sent me for orthotics and physical therapy, which help to reduce some pain. My sister told me about Dr. Ed’s Family Chiropractic. Reflecting back, those were the best words of advice I have ever received. Even after the first adjustment I remember feeling relief. After 2 weeks I couldn’t believe the changes and by the end of the summer I was pain medication free. As a heart transplant recipient I go to the Ottawa Heart Institute for annual check-ups. After beginning chiropractic care, it was the first time in 10.5 years since my transplant that ALL of my tests were in the normal range. My specialist was amazed at the results. I believe that since my spine was now properly aligned, I had much better nerve flow to my heart which resulted in such great test results. I am a busy mother/grandmother and I have the energy to keep up with them and I don’t hurt. The thought of a walk in the country side doesn’t worry me anymore and I can work in the garden again. All in all I am enjoying life again!"

- Dawn B.

"For 10 years I followed my medical doctor’s advice of exercise and pain medication for my severe lower back pain. But I never got any better. The pain was always there. My job requires a lot of standing, bending and twisting. Some days I couldn’t even stand straight. I was taking up to 150 pain pills a month and still there were days I couldn’t stand up and go to work. Finally, my employer sat me down and while sympathetic to my condition, he just couldn’t handle my missed shifts anymore. I was at my wits end with pain and fear of losing my job. I had always felt very negative about chiropractic and I didn’t want anyone “cracking” my back. But I had to try something! A friend told me about Dr. Ed’s Family Chiropractic care. Dr. Ed immediately made me feel very comfortable. He explained just how chiropractic worked, what he saw on my x-rays and exactly what was causing my lower back pain. He also promised not to “crack my back”! I couldn’t believe the difference. After just 2 weeks, I wasn’t taking any medication and I wasn’t missing any more work. My wife pleasantly noticed my change in attitude and I was enjoying my family life again! I am still amazed at how much my life has benefitted from chiropractic care and can’t help but wonder why more people don’t know about this!"

- John D.

"I had constant pain in my neck, headaches and migraines. I thought I had carpel tunnel because my hands would hurt and then go numb constantly. My sinuses were so congested that I was unable to smell and that was a real problem for me because I am a chef at a very busy restaurant. My health was really interfering with my work and gardening hobby. Even riding a bicycle was very uncomfortable. I had to basically give up all sporting activities. I sought help from my medical doctor, chiropractic and massage therapy. Niether of them provided me with any lasting relief from my health problems. I was then referred to Dr Ed & his gentle chiropractic approach. I remember being impressed at my initial exam because Dr. Ed took x-rays, a computerized spinal nerve scan and a complete health review before making any diagnosis or recommendations. Since May 2009 only 1 month after starting care my neck and headaches have improved 80% and my hands 90%. I can write, sew and weed for hours without pain in my hands or neck. I sincerely recommend chiropractic care, particularly Dr. Ed’s method of TRT to others all the time. It is very comfortable and it actually works!"

- Anna M.


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